Known Issue: Boolean CQC Rules Not Supported in Questionnaires

Product and Version Impacted

  • Matters + Intakes
  • All versions

Issue Summary

CQC rules with the Boolean Answer Type are not supported, and will not execute when the criteria of the rule are met. This can cause issues if your firm uses a Questionnaire that depends on this type of CQC rule. 

As a reminder, Boolean rules assess information on a YES/NO or TRUE/FALSE basis.

For example, your firm may use an Intake Questionnaire which includes the question “Is the party contacting the firm a minor?”. You might then attach a CQC rule to that question that alters the course of the Questionnaire depending on if you entered YES or NO. 


We recommend building CQC rules with the Select Answer Type instead of using the unsupported Boolean Answer Type. The Select Answer Type allows you to answer a question by selecting one option from a dropdown list (also known as a picklist).

Below is an example of a question using the Boolean Answer Type:

Question using the Boolean Answer Type

Here is an example of that same question, recreated using the Select Answer Type:

Question using the Select Answer Type

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