Matters + Intakes v25 Release Notes

Latest Version: 25.6

Release Date: July 19, 2021 

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Activity Timelines takes center stage in Matters + Intakes version 25. The new-and-improved Timeline includes significant improvements in the form of easier record creation, PDF exporting, and greater Chatter integration. Read on to learn more about these, and all the great updates, included in our most recent version of Matters + Intakes.

On July 19, 2021 we released a minor update to Matters + Intakes v25 (25.4 > 25.6) to address a potential issue. This update will be pushed automatically to all Matter + Intakes users soon after its release. For more information on the issue that was resolved in this release, please see our known issue article.

Upgrade Note

All new Litify users added to your organization between updates must be added to the "Litify Apex Class Access" Permission Set. For a step-by-step guide on how to do this, please refer to our how-to article.

Pre-Install Steps (Required)

Matters + Intakes version 25 includes greater Chatter integration with the Activity Timeline. In order to take advantage of this functionality, you will need to perform the following steps BEFORE installing this release.

However, these steps ONLY need to be performed if Chatter post and comment modifications are disabled within your production org. If these settings are already enabled, which is likely the case for most orgs, you do not need to perform these steps.

Pre-Install Steps
  1. Click the Setup Cog at the top of the screen, then click Setup
  2. Search for and select Chatter.
  3. Click Chatter Settings.
  4. Scroll down to Post and Comment Modification.
  5. Ensure Allow Users to Edit Posts and Comments is checked.

Post-Install Steps (Optional)

Two items included in this release require additional steps in-order to take full advantage of them. It should be noted that these post-install steps are OPTIONAL. By this we mean that if you are not going to use the following functionality, you do not need to perform these steps.

Post-Install Steps

Add Color Tags to Default Matter Tasks

Colors tags for tasks have existed for a long time within Litify. However, with Matters + Intakes v25 we've added the ability to add color tags to Default Matter Task. To take advantage of this feature you will want to perform the following post-install steps. 

  1. After installing the most recent Matters + Intakes package, log into your Litify organization and click the Setup Cog at the top of the screen, then click Setup
  2. Search for and navigate to the Object Manager in the Quick Find bar.
  3. Search for and select Default Matter Task.
  4. Click Page Layouts.
  5. Click Default Matter Task Layout.
  6. Near the top of the page will be a box containing smaller boxes with field names. 
  7. Drag the box labeled Color to the lower section of the screen, below Information (Header visible on edit only).
  8. Click Save.

Add Record Types When Printing PDFs of the Activity Timeline

Within this version of Matters + Intakes we've also added the ability to print the Activity Timeline as a PDF. While we're certain you'll find this feature useful, you may notice that the PDF version of the Activity Timeline does not by default include labels for record types. Since this is a distinction many users will no doubt want to add, we've written the following steps so that you can add these labels:

Keep in mind that you will need to repeat this process for each record type displayed on the Activity Timeline.

Step 1: Verifying Description Fields

  1. After installing the most recent Matters + Intakes package, log into your Litify organization, click the Setup Cog at the top of the screen, then click Setup
  2. Search for and navigate to the Object Manager in the Quick Find bar.
  3. Using the search bar, locate the record type that you want tagged in the PDF printout. 
    • For example, Tasks
  4. Click Fields & Relationships.
  5. Search the list of fields to see if there is an existing description field for the record type that you want to label. If there is, you are ready to map that field. Proceed to Step 2: Mapping Description Fields below. 
    • For example, for Tasks, there already exist the Task Sub-Type.
    • Here is a list of common objects with existing description field options:
      • Task: Sub Task Type
      • Feed: Feed Item Type
      • Comment: Comment Type
      • Insurance: Record Type ID:Name
      • Negotiation: Type
  6. If an existing description field does not exist, you will want to create one. Proceed to Step 1.5: Creating Description Fields below.

Step 1.5: Creating Description Fields

  1. Navigate to the object in need of a description field.
  2. Click Fields & Relationships.
  3. Click New.
  4. Select Formula radio button.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Field Label must be filled (for ease it can be set to Activity Type).
  7. Select Text radio button.
  8. Click Next.
  9. In the formula section type the name of the object surrounded by double quotes (For example, "Matter").
  10. Click Next.
  11. Ensure the field is visible to the necessary profiles.
  12. Click Next.
  13. Choose whether you would like the field added to the layout (most likely not).
  14. Click Save.

Step 2: Mapping Description Fields

  1. Go to the Activity Timeline Setup Assistant
  2. Go to Default View & Field Mapping.
  3. Locate a record type that you would like identified in the PDF printout.
    • For example, Tasks.
  4. Click the pencil icon next to the field to edit it.
  5. In one of the Additional Field sections, search for and select the sub-type you identified/created from step 1 above.
    • For example,Task Sub-Type
  6. Click Save.
  7. Repeat this process as needed for all other record types that you want tagged on the PDF printout. 

Activity Timeline Improvements

Create Records Directly From the Activity Timeline

  • As mentioned above, the main focus for this release is the Activity Timeline found within Matters + Intakes. This Timeline, which already allows users to view all activities related to a particular record, now allows you to create a record right from the Timeline. This added flexibility should make it even easier to ensure that the Timeline accurately reflects how the case is being handled. To learn more about setting up and configuring the Activity Timeline, please see our dedicated setup article. Afterwards, check out our Activity Timeline user guide to learn all about using this feature..


Export the Activity Timeline as a PDF

  • We’ve also added the ability to export the Activity Timeline as a PDF. Just click the handy Print button and then save the export wherever you’d like. For more information on exporting the Activity Time as a PDF, see our user guide.


Improved Chatter Integration within the Activity Timeline

  • Chatter integration also sees a boost in this version. You can now configure the Activity Timeline to display Chatter posts and comments. Learn more about how to better leverage Chatter in the Activity Timeline in our user guide.


Other Activity Timeline Improvements

Here are some additional improvements that we’ve made to the Activity Timeline that are found within this release.

  • Improved the Activity Timeline so that it now properly respects lookup filters when editing a record inline, for all objects which are not a Task, Event, or Call.
  • User names are now shown when hovering over the User icon within the Activity Timeline.
  • Archived events are now included in the Activity Timeline. 
    • This now matches the behavior for archived Tasks.
  • Improved the user experience when adding a Timeline Object or Activity Type, and when editing field mappings within the Activity Timeline Setup Assistant. Search boxes used to add or edit these items have been updated to anticipate what you’re looking for. This will help you to find what you’re looking for faster.
  • The Activity Timeline now displays a white background when placed outside of a tab on a Lightning page with a different background color.
  • The line that allows users to drag-and-drop resize the Activity Timeline record table and sidebar is now visible at all times, not only upon hover.
  • We removed an error within the timeline that was occurring when editing some events within the Activity Timeline. We found this error to be unnecessary, and unhelpful, so we removed it. (See an example of the error below.)


Additional Improvements

Colors Tags for Tasks Within Default Matter Plans 

  • We’ve added the ability to use color tags on Default Matter Tasks. These tags previously only existed on the front end as a visual queue. However, with this update you can now set color tags when creating Default Matter Tasks. This improvement will make these tags more meaningful, and allow you to quickly determine the status of a task at a glance. For more information on adding color tags to Default Matter Task, please see our related article


Injury and Treatment Updates

  • This update not only makes it easy to view and edit Treatments, but it also improves the relationship between Treatments, Injuries, and Matters. When an Intake is converted to a Matter, related Injury and Treatment records will now be carried over to the Matter automatically. To learn more about this relationship, as well as how to view, create, and edit Treatment records directly from a Matter or Intake, please see our related article.

Other General Improvements

Here are some additional improvements that are found within this release.

  • Improved filters to show only relevant Role records when creating or editing Expenses, Insurances, Liens, and Roles.
  • "Auto-Add Tasks" settings are now enabled by default for the Matter Plans feature.
  • Field and decimal value length for the “Contingency Fee” field on Resolutions now matches the equivalent field on the Matter.
  • Renamed the related list for the lookup to Matter from Activity from "Matter Calendar" to "Activities" and removed it from the default Matter page layout.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed reports, dashboards, and flexipages from the Matters + Intakes managed package to avoid causing a known Salesforce issue that could prevent future client upgrades. 
    • Note that this will not impact, or remove, these items from any existing customer org.
  • When creating a new "Litify Individual" Party with the custom Litify component, picklist values now respect record type rules and defaults.
  • When creating a new "Litify Individual" Party with the custom Litify component in an org with the Salesforce "State and Country/Territory Picklists" feature enabled, address picklists and dependency now function as expected.
  • Improved the performance of the Matter Plan component when marking a task completed.
  • Matter Team component now properly clears cache when adding more than one team member in a row.
  • Matter Plan component now shows when an update is in process after a user clicks to complete a Task, preventing a scenario where refreshing the component during an update would revert the change.
  • The DICE Queue builder now properly displays lookup values when loading existing queues.
  • Questionnaires now properly handle navigation logic based on boolean questions.
  • The global "Run Triggers" setting within the "Public Setup" custom setting now disables all packaged triggers.
  • Improved backend error reporting within Calendar Rules.
  • Removed a misspelled duplicate Intake Mapper record, “desctription,” for the “Description” field. 
    • Note that this will not impact, or remove, these items from any existing customer org.
  • Removed unused fields named “Exact Source” from the Intake and Matter objects.
  • Resolved an issue within the Activity Timeline that caused a non-harmful error message to display beneath the “Related To ID” field when editing activity records.

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