Known Issue: Docrio Image Merge Issue—MS Word

Products and Versions Impacted

  • Docrio: All Versions
  • Microsoft Word: Build 14131.20278 (June 29)

Issue Summary

We have confirmed an issue impacting Docrio users who have updated to the latest version of Microsoft Word (Build 14131.20278). When these users merge a document containing images, while the preview may appear correct, downloading the merged document will show that the images are missing. 

Please see the image below for an example of a merged document that is missing the signature image.



This issue is caused by the most recent version of Microsoft Word—Build 14131.20278. When this version is installed, it is altering the way that images in merged documents are handled. As such, it is causing the preview to appear correct but the actual merged documents to be missing images. 

While this issue is caused by the recent update to Microsoft Word, we do not anticipate that they will release an update to address the issue. As such, we are working on a fix and providing the following workaround steps in the meantime. 


This workaround can be used to fix documents that have been generated via merge and are missing images.

Please note that it does require you to install a piece of free third-party software—LibreOffice.

  1. Download the latest version of LibreOffice and install it.
  2. Open the broken document in LibreOffice.
  3. Save it.
  4. Select the option to “Use Word 2007-365 Format”.

Below is a video outlining the workaround steps. 

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Litify Support Information

This workaround might not work for everyone. If you have walked through the steps above and are still having trouble, please don’t hesitate to contact Litify Support at (or Submit a Request). 

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