Timekeeping v3 Release Notes

Latest Version: 3.15

Release Date: July 21, 2021

Production Link: Please reach out to your CSM or Litify Account Manager.

Sandbox Link: Please reach out to your CSM or Litify Account Manager.

For the latest version of our Timekeeping software, Timekeeping v3, we’ve really focused on flexibility and useability. We know that many users spend much of their day within Timekeeping, and because of that we really want to make their jobs easier. With exciting improvements like new quick add action buttons, greater visibility into Rates on Time Entries, and batch Time Entry creation, we’re confident that this version of Timekeeping is the smoothest version we’ve released to date. 

Read on to learn more about all of the improvements and fixes found within Timekeeping v3.  

Additional Installation Steps

Below you will notice both pre and post installation steps associated with this release. Both sets of steps must be performed in order for this release to perform properly. Having trouble performing these steps? Please reach out to our support team for help.  

Pre-Install Steps

In order for this most recent release of Timekeeping to run properly firms will want to confirm that the MDAPI is configured correctly. This is a critical step, because if the MDAPI is not configured correctly many of the post-installation scripts found within this update will not run correctly. To confirm that the MDAPI is configured correctly, please refer to our dedicated article.

Post-Install Steps

After installing this most recent version of Timekeeping, an admin will need to visit the Time Tracking Admin Settings page. Visiting this page will help the Litify platform know that the installation has been performed correctly. 


Time Entry Form Customization

  • Users will now have the ability to customize Time Entry forms. (Whereas previously this form was hard-coded.) While there are still some fields that cannot be removed, users will have the ability to disable fields that they don’t want or need, or enable and require fields that they want. To learn all about this new feature please see our admin settings article.


Time Sheets Detail View

  • In a move to make it even easier to view and edit Time Entries, we’ve added the ability to view Time Entry details from Time Sheets. From the Time Sheet, simply click the entry you want to learn more about, and a detail panel will appear on the side of the screen. To learn more about using Time Sheets, please see our dedicated article


New Datatables

  • We’ve also made some visual improvements with how datatables are displayed within Timekeeping. While these tables will functionally act the same, we hope that users will find them easier to read and manipulate.


Lookups on Time Entries

  • Additionally, we’ve improved how objects are handled for Time Entries. This allows us to create real lookups on the Time Entry object, for each firm, so that the related record information is stored as a non-text field. This should really help users when it comes to customization, data querying, and reporting. For more information on Time Entries and Timesheets, please see our comprehensive overview article.  


Applied Rate on Time Entries

  • Time Entries now have a separate field to capture what the rate amount was at the time of creation. This field is considered the new source of truth for the amount calculation of a Time Entry, and retrieves its data from the rate lookup on the time entry. To learn more about using rates, please see our related article

Batch Time Entry Creation

  • Timekeeping v3 also includes the ability to create several Time Entries at the same time. These “batches” of Time Entries will allow users to save time in creating multiple records using a new guided flow. The batch creation flow will also allow users to copy-down rows with related information, making this feature especially useful when creating records with similar information. Learn all about creating batches of Time Entries in our new dedicated article


New Narrative Field on Added to Time Entries

  • We’ve added a new long-form text field to Time Entries. This will give you plenty of space for notes, comments, and any other thoughts you might want to attach to your Time Entries. To learn more about Time Entries, check out this article.

Wider Access to Quick Add Actions 

  • Most Timekeeping uses will be familiar with the quick add action buttons that appear on the Timer application. These handy buttons allow you to add (or remove) time from Time Entries in predefined increments (For example, -0.5, -0.1, +0.5, +0.1). With Timekeeping v3 we’re excited to announce that these quick add action buttons will now also appear in all detail views, Time Sheets, in the Admin View, and on related records. This will make it easier to edit the duration of existing Time Entries. 
  • Additionally, we've added the ability to start a Timer directly from under the quick add action buttons. This should make it easier for users to start and manage Timers to more accurately capture recorded times.


Bug Fixes

Here is a list of bugs that we’ve resolved in this release.

  • Updated the Timer so when clicking the “+” button to add a Time Entry at the top, within the week, or when searching to add, it now shows the Rate field if “Billable” is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from searching for hyperlinked text. 
  • Fixed an issue with time zones which was causing Time Entries created by users, orgs, and computer systems set to Europe/London to appear on the previous day. 
  • Resolved an error preventing some Standard and Admin time users from accessing the Add Time Entry window from the Time Entry Form. 
  • Ensured that the proper error message appeared in the Timer, Admin, Related Record, and Time Sheets Detail View when Rate is enabled and required and you try to save without entering a value.
  • Fixed a UI issue causing some errors on the Time to not be displayed correctly. 
  • Updated Time Entry Objects so that they properly respect Salesforce Default Values. 
  • Reformatted dates that appear on Related Records, Time Sheets, in the Admin View, and in the Timer to appear more user friendly. 
  • Fixed a display issue with Currency and Number fields that was sometimes causing zeros to display as blanks. 
  • Fixed an issue so now CSV downloads display filtered information properly. 
  • Fixed an issue in the Time Tracking Admin View that was preventing the Date column from sorting properly. 
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Search Bar and User Filters from sometimes working correctly. 
  • Adjusted the User dropdown on Time Sheets to allow for longer names. 
  • Fixed an issue on Time Sheets where if the duration total is too long it would overlap with other text. 
  • Repositioned the deletion confirmation message on Android and iPhone devices so that it now displays properly.  

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