The Batch Time Entry feature allows users to create several Time Entries at the same time. 

Navigating to Batch Time Entry

This feature can be accessed via the Time & Billing tab of the Matter view, or in the Time Tracking tab of the Time Tracking app. Use the app launched to access the Time Tracking app. 


Adding the Batch Time Entry Component to Matters

Additionally, you may wish to add the Batch Time Entry component to the Time & Billing tab within your Matters. To do this, follow the flow below:

  1. Open a Matter within Litify. 
  2. Click the Setup Cog at the top of the screen and click Edit Page.
  3. Click the Time & Billing tab.
  4. In the Components menu on the left side of the page, search for Batch Time Entry and drag that component under the Time & Billing tab. 
    • Alternatively, you can search for the Tabs component first and drag that under the Time & Billing tab. This will add tabs under the Time & Billing tab that you can customize to hold various other components (like the Batch Time Entry component).
  5. Click Save.
  6. You should now have access to the Batch Time Entry under the Time & Billing tab on all of your Matters.

General Navigation

Upon navigating to the Batch Time Entry page you will notice a series of rows and columns. Each row on this page represents a new Time Entry. Click the box next to the row to activate it and start entering information. 


Each column on this page is a different field on the Time Entry. Which fields are displayed, and which are required, can be adjusted on the Time & Billing Settings app, in the Customize Time Form section. Also keep in mind that there is a horizontal scroll integrated into this page. You can use this scroll to navigate to additional columns that might not be initially visible on the page. 

Near the top of this page there is a display field that will show the total hours for the selected new Time Entries. This can be a helpful reminder regarding how much time is about to be added when these new Time Entries are created.  


By default, the Batch Time Entry page contains 10 rows. If you would like to add more rows, click the Add More Rows button at the bottom of the page, to add 10 more rows.

Creating Time Entry Batches

To create a batch of Time Entries, use the following steps:

  1. Check the box next to the row(s) you want to use. 
    • This is a critical first step. If you enter information into a row and do not check the box next to it, that Time Entry will not be created.
    • Be aware that this process may slow down when select 100 or more rows at a time.
  2. Enter the Time Entry information into the selected rows.
    • You can also copy individual rows or populate multiple entries at once. For information on how to do this see the corresponding section(s) below. 
    • Batch time entry has been designed to function seamlessly with your rate assignment setting, so the inputs on the relevant fields will be used to provide rate assignments.
  3. Click Add Time.
    • If any required fields in the selected rows are blank an error will appear. Otherwise, a confirmation window will appear (see image below).
  4. Confirm that you wish to create a new Time Entry and click Yes, Continue.


Copying and Deleting - Individual Rows

To copy the information from one row to the next, click the copy down icon at the end of the row you wish to copy from. 


To delete a row, click the trashcan icon at the end of that row.


Copying and Clearing - Multiple Rows

To copy information to multiple rows:

  1. First check the box next to the rows you would like to copy to. 
  2. Then, enter information into the very top row on the page—the grey row that is above the main table. 
  3. Finally, flick the Copy Down button next to the information you would like to copy to the selected rows. 
  4. The information entered in the top row will be copied down to the selected rows.

To clear multiple rows, click the Clear Rows button at the bottom of the page. 


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