Litify Inbox Summer ’21 Release Notes

Latest Version: Litify Inbox Release v.2105

Release Date: August 10, 2021

This summer brings with it the latest version of Litify Inbox. This version, brought to us courtesy of our partners at Revenue Grid, includes several improvements to the Microsoft Outlook version of the product. This update also addresses many bugs for all users to help things run more smoothly. Please read on to learn more about the latest version of Litify Inbox. 

No Admin actions are required to install this release. The new version will be deployed to your org automatically regardless of the product version: cloud or desktop.


These improvements relate to those using the Litify Inbox add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

Optimized Add-in Performance on Initial Loading

We’ve improved the Add-In's initial load time—decreasing it by around two seconds. This was achieved by excluding preloading of some additional properties, like blacklist and detailed metadata. Now the basic cards are displayed as quickly as possible. 

Records parsing and functions loading was optimized as well to increase Sidebar operations speed.

Keep in mind that this improvement is not applicable in instances when a User is loading the add-in for the first time (For example, upon installation).

Option to Schedule Clean Up of Inactive Users 

This version implements the optional auto-deletion of inactive users from the Admin panel. This process is carried out daily, based on the inactive user criteria, which includes:

  • Users that did not open the Add-In and had no Sync sessions over a set period (six months by default)
  • New users who didn’t have any sync sessions or opened the Add-In during the last six months

It should be noted that the deletion criteria are applied only to standard users. As such, Admin Users fall out of the deletion criteria’s scope.

The parameters for auto-deletion and inactive user criteria can be set up individually for every Firm in the Admin Panel Global Settings.

Bug Fixes

The below lists of bug fixes are broken up depending on what version of Litify inbox you’re using. 

Gmail Extension

These bug fixes relate to those using the web-based Gmail extension.

  • Google Calendar Event Cannot be Synced to Litify Object via the Sidebar
    • Fixed an issue preventing the saving of Google calendar events linked to a custom Salesforce object (Matter) via the Sidebar. 

MS Outlook Add-In

These bug fixes relate to those using the Litify Inbox add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

  • Sync is Down Due to SD0010: Reused Record Identifier Detected
    • Fixed the cause of a rare Sync error: “Sync is down due to SD0010: Reused record identifier detected.”
  • “Only the meeting's Organizer can re-link or modify it in the Salesforce” Message that Appears after Saving Inbound Email to an Account via the Sidebar.
    • Fixed the cause of an incorrect notification: “Only the meeting's Organizer can re-link or modify it in the Salesforce” that appeared after saving an incoming Email to an Account record. 
  • Recent Email Templates from Another Templates Folder Don’t Display in the UI
    • Introduced a minor UX fix to ensure that recent templates are also displayed in the UI if they are in a different Salesforce template folder.
  • EWS Oauth Impersonation: Refresh Tokens Expire Every 90 Days Due to Inactivity in EWS Connector
    • Fixed an issue with EWS OAuth Impersonated access, where Refresh tokens expire every 90 days due to inactivity in the EWS connector. Now the tokens get renewed automatically by Litify Inbox Sync, as designed.
  • Salesforce Email Templates were not Added from the Sidebar Menu to a Composed Email
    • Fixed a specific issue where Salesforce email templates were not inserted into composed emails via the Litify Inbox Sidebar's Template smart action. 
  • Sync Sessions on the Statistics Tab (Admin Panel) are Duplicated for Some Users
    • Fixed a rare UX issue where sync session logs were duplicated on the Admin panel's Statistics tab for some users.
  • Record Card Icons Overlapped by Card Titles
    • Fixed a minor Sidebar UI issue where record card icons were overlapped by card title lines.
  • Linking Docrio Files to Email in the Compose Mode
    • Fixed an issue where Docrio files were not linking to composed emails when selected in the Litify Inbox Sidebar from the record’s documents tab.
  • Meeting Start Date (Time Zone) is Wrong in the Event Notification
    • Fixed an issue where an incorrect meeting start date (or time zone) was indicated in the notification email sent out after slot booking. This was occurring in some scenarios involving daylight saving time changes.
  • “EmailMessage not found” Error Shown upon Re-Saving an Email to Another Record
    • Fixed the cause of the “EmailMessage not found” that made it impossible to re-save an EmailMessage with another Litify record via the Litify Inbox Sidebar.
  • Email Body Formatting Fix
    • Ensured that email bodies do not lose <style> html tags on saving. This way, embedded table formatting is conveyed to Litify unchanged.
  • Email Attachments Handling Consistency Fix
    • Resolved an issue where the “User does not have permission to access the files” error message appeared when an email attachment was saved to Docrio.
  • Updated Branding of Automated Sync Error Emails
    • Updated branding and contact information in automatic emails sent to Litify users when sync errors occur. This ensures that no Revenue Grid / SmartCloud Connect branding is used in these templates.
  • Improved Information Pre-Filling in the Create New Party Screen
    • Improved the First name and Last name prefilling consistency by ensuring that these fields get pre-filled for new Litify Individuals created from the Suggested new records section.
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