Docrio v8 Release Notes

Latest Version: 8.5

Release Date: September 14th, 2021

Production Link: 

Sandbox Link: 

Docrio v8 includes both long-requested improvements and updates to recently added features. The highlights for this release are: PDF combine/split, expanded preview support for different file types when using external links, column widening for easier scanning, and the ability to upload and download entire folders. Additionally, this release includes several other improvements and a long list of bug fixes. So read on to learn all about what’s new in Docrio v8! 

All items found within this release apply to all Docrio users. This includes both Docrio and Docrio+ users. 

Post-Install Steps

There are a few post-install steps that you will need to perform in order for the new features found within this release to run properly. We recommend that all Docrio users perform these steps to avoid any potential issues. After installing Docrio v8, please perform the steps listed below: 

  1. Log into your Litify Org. 
  2. In the App Finder, search for and launch Docrio Admin Settings.
  3. Click Sync Organizational Data in the sidebar.
  4. Click Sync.

Additional Post Install Steps

To take advantage of the new PDF Combine and Split features found within this version of Docrio, users will need to be granted the following File Actions (via the Docrio Admin Settings page): Combine to PDF and Split PDF.

To take advantage of the new folder management features found within this version of Docrio, users will need to be granted the following Folder Actions (via the Docrio Admin Settings page): Upload Folder and Download Folder.

Major Features and Improvements

PDF Combine and Split

A flagship feature of Docrio v8 is greater options for handling PDF files. Starting with this version you will have the ability to combine multiple files into one. This feature works with any file type that you can preview within Docrio—excluding audio and video files. The file combination feature allows you to reorganize how the files are combined, rename the new file, choose the folder location for this new file, and preview the new file before the final documents are generated. 

Additionally, Docrio v8 includes the ability to split files into multiple PDFs. Using the dedicated window you can split up a single document into numerous separate documents in one smooth flow. 

For more information this feature please see our configuration guide and our usage guide.





Folder Uploading and Downloading

We’ve expanded the file uploading feature to now include entire folders. Drag-and-drop local folders directly into Docrio, or select which specific folders to upload using the dedicated upload window. Uploading folders in this way will not only upload all files found within the folders, it will also upload subfolders and any files within them as well. In short, users can now upload an entire folder structure and Docrio will maintain it. 

Need to download an entire folder from Docrio? Well now you can do that too! To do this just locate the folder you wish to download, expand the arrow under the Actions column, and click Download.  

To learn more about these improvements to folder handling, and other things like how to upload multiple folders at once, please see our related article


Increased Column Width

As a quality of life improvement, we’ve also increased the width of the File Name column within Docrio. This should make it easier to scan your list of file names, or to view longer file names without having to open the specific file. 

Minor Features and Improvements

Improved Email File Previewing

As of v8, Docrio now supports email previewing for .msg and .eml file types. This change is also retroactive, meaning that after updating to Docrio v8 users will be able to preview previously uploaded files with the .msg or .eml file type.

Additional Improvements

  • We’ve created a new endpoint—that can be reached via API—for creating folders within Docrio. 
  • Adjusted file assignment handling to improve performance.
  • Added the ability to preview mp3, mp4, webm, ogg, and wav files to the preview pane on External Links.
  • Increased the character limit for folder structures. 
  • Added a check for verifying access tokens to prevent mismatch authentication errors.
    • These errors are most often encountered within Sandbox environments. 
  • Updated the Docrio Desktop App to support the new version of the presigned URL API.

Bug Fixes

Below is a list of bugs that have been fixed and issues that have been resolved within this update. 

  • Fixed an issue causing a “Component Error” to appear when navigating to the File Viewer.
  • Fixed an issue causing consecutive merge links to fail due to improperly cached information.
  • Fixed an issue when adding a custom checkbox field which was causing the field to default to “True”.
  • Improved UI to better handle multi-selecting within DocAssign.
  • Fixed an “Invalid Extension” error message which was appearing when copying or moving folders and files.
  • Removed the gap under the “Input Selection” page prior to preview/generation during Document Generation.
  • Resolved an issue causing input rules created based on multi-picklist to not work correctly.
  • Fixed an issue impacting how AWS handles unknown file types.
  • Fixed an error encountered when reordering Objects and Display Fields via drag-and-drop within the Docrio Admin Settings.
  • Improved Packet Builder performance to aid in the creation and editing of packets.
  • Improved Template Builder performance to allow the Type-Ahead Search feature to run more smoothly.
  • Resolved a “JS Console Error” which was being encountered when navigating to some related folders within the Filing Cabinet.
  • Resolved an issue within the Docrio File Viewer which was preventing some User Records from appearing.
  • Numerous bug fixes to ensure files do not show up in Docrio until they are fully uploaded to the system.
  • Fixed an issue when testing unpopulated Free-Form Entry or Salesforce Field Input fields within templates which was causing an infinite loading loop.
  • Resolved an issue within the File Viewer which was causing incorrect pagination in specific cases.
  • Resolved a “502 Console Error” occurring when attempting to merge a large number of records.
  • Fixed an issue where adding 'Custom Fields' to the Docrio Upload Modal was causing the page within Admin Settings to have issues.

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