Using Docrio PDF Split and Combine

Docrio has the ability to combine several files into one, or split one file into multiple PDFs. This article will walk you through using these two features to manage your documents within, and those being exported from, Docrio. 

This article offers guidance on using the PDF Split and Combine feature. For more information on setting up and configuring this feature, please see our related article

Table of Contents 

  1. Combining Files
  2. Splitting a File
  3. Troubleshooting
  4. Related Articles

Combining Files

The steps below outline the process for combining files using Docrio.

  1. Log into your Litify org and locate the files you wish to combine.
    • These will be in the Docrio section on the associated Matter. 
  2. Check the box next to the files you wish to combine. 


  3. On any of the checked files, click the down-arrow under the Actions column, and select Combine to PDF. This will open a new window.


  4. Immediately from the new window you will notice the size limitation warning at the top—currently set to 50MB. It is important to be mindful of this limitation, and to delete files as needed so that your new file does not exceed this size. 
    • If your new file is going to exceed this limitation, this warning text will appear red. 


  5. From the Combine to PDF window you can perform the following actions (example image below): 
    • View the text found in the Related To field.
      • This information is pulled from the related record, and cannot be changed.
    • Rename the new file using the File Name box.
    • View the parent folder using the Parent Folder box.
      • By default this is pulled from the selected files.
    • Rearrange the order in which the files will be combined by dragging and dropping them. 
    • Delete individual files by clicking the trashcan icon next to them.
    • Set whether you wish for the selected files to be deleted after they are combined. Do this by checking off the corresponding box near the top of this window.
      • The ability to check this box is based on the File Action permissions for your user.
    • Preview the new file using the Preview button near the bottom of the window.  
    • Before creating your new file, confirm that everything in the Combine to PDF window is set to your specifications. This is important because generating the new file can take some time.


  6. Once you’re satisfied with the changes you've made to the new file click Generate.
    • A new window will appear while your file is being generated. 
  7. After generating your new file it will appear in the Generated Documents tab (formerly Merged Documents) under the Docrio section of the related record.


Splitting Files

The steps below outline the process for splitting a file using Docrio.

  1. Log into your Litify org and locate the file you wish to split. 
  2. Click the down-arrow under the Actions column for that file, and select Split PDF. (There is no need to check the box next to the file you wish to split first.) 


  3. File name, related record, and file length (in pages) information about the selected file will be pre-populated into the new Split PDF window that appears. Keep in mind that this information cannot be changed.


  4. Underneath this section you will also notice a checkbox similar to the one on the Combine to PDF box. Check this box if you wish to delete the original PDF file once you've completed this split action.
    • Again, remember that the ability to utilize this box is permissions-based. 
  5. Using the bottom-left section of this window, create a new entry for each new file you wish to create from the source file. For each new file, you will want to add a name and the pages to be included in the new file from the original. 
    • For the Pages section, you can list specific pages (1,2,3,) page ranges (1-10), or a mixture of both (1,2,3,5-10).
    • The Parent Folder field is auto-populated and cannot be changed.
  6. If you wish to split another new file from the original, click the Add File button to create a new file split entry.
    • Use the trashcan icon to delete any unwanted new files.
    • Remember that a child file cannot include the same pages from the source file multiple times. 
  7. Use the preview panel on the lower-right section of this window to preview your new files.
    1. As with similar preview panels, you can also download or print the preview from this window. 
  8. When ready click the Split button to proceed.
  9. A loading wheel will appear over the window while your request is processed.
  10. Once your files are split a Generated Documents tab will appear, and your new files will be listed there.



Error Messages

Below are some examples of error messages that you might encounter while combining or splitting files. Underneath each entry below there is further information on why you might be getting that message, and what you can do to resolve it.

  • “Please enter values into all rows, or delete blank rows.”
    • This error means that one or more of the fields for the new files you are creating is missing information. This often occurs when the Pages field is blank. 
  • “Some pages of your original document are unaccounted for. You can continue.” 
    • This error is displayed when splitting a file and not all pages from the source file are accounted for in the new/split files. While you can still proceed with the split, this message can be a helpful reminder to ensure that all pages are accounted for in your split. 
  • “Please make sure your file names are unique end with: ‘.pdf’”
    • This error means that one of the new files you are creating has a filename that does include the file extension, or that name you are trying to use is not unique. 

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