Configuring Docrio PDF Split and Combine

This article offers setup and configuration steps to allows user to take advantage of the Docrio PDF Split and Combine feature.

For more information on how to use this feature, please see our related article

Table of Contents 

  1. Configuring PDF Split and Combine
  2. Configurations Steps 
  3. Additional Considerations
  4. Combining Reminders
  5. Splitting Reminders
  6. Related Articles

Configuring PDF Split and Combine

The following sections will help you get started with PDF combine and split. 

Configuration Steps

After installing Docrio v8 (or later) your profile will need to be granted the ability to combine and split files within Docrio. Follow the steps below to make sure that your profile has the correct permissions:

  1. Open the Docrio Admin Settings.
  2. Click Files Actions
  3. Select your profile’s name. 
  4. With your profile selected, check the boxes next to Combine to PDF and Split PDF


Additional Considerations

Below are a list of items that you will want to keep in mind before combining or splitting files. 

Combining Reminders

  • The combined files cannot exceed 50MB.
  • Combine works on all files that you can preview within Docrio—with the exception of audio and video files. 
  • Regardless of what types of files are being combined, the resulting new file will be a PDF.

Splitting Reminders

  • This feature only works on Word and PDF files.
  • This feature will only work if the file you are splitting is 50MB or smaller.
  • When splitting a document, you must enter a valid page range—this includes a single page, multiple pages separated by commas, or a range of pages using a dash. Otherwise you will receive an error when attempting to split the document. 
  • You cannot list overlapping pages within the same child document.
    • By this we mean, when splitting a file you must list which pages are included in the new/child file. When listing these pages, while it’s certainly acceptable to jump around and exclude pages, you cannot include the same pages multiple times. 
    • For example, the following page ranges would not work "1-5, 3-8". This is because pages "3-5" are listed multiple times.


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