Salesforce Winter ‘22 Update Release Notes

The Salesforce Winter ‘22 update is upon us. This article highlights items from this release that we’re particularly excited about, or that are likely to impact how you use the Litify Platform.

While this article highlights several items from the Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release Notes, it does not include everything. To view the original release notes in their entirety, please head over to Salesforce’s site

Table of Content

  1. Upgrade Steps and Timeline
  2. Feature Spotlight
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Upgrade Steps and Timeline

Nothing needs to be done on your end for this update to be downloaded or installed. This update will be applied automatically sometime in the near future. For a better understanding of who will be updated when, please refer to the list below:

  • August 27, 2021: Sandbox upgrades begin
  • September 10, October 1 & 8: Release weekends

To determine when an org is upgraded, click this link, select the Maintenance tab, and search for “winter '22 major release”.

More Important Information

Salesforce has released a bunch of resources to help users prepare for the next version of their platform. To view a full list of available resources provided by Salesforce, please head on over to their website

Feature Spotlight

Here are some of the top items from the Salesforce Winter ’22 Release that we wanted to share with you.

Each header below is linked to the full patch notes on Salesforce’s site.

When reviewing the items listed below: 

  • “Generally Available” means open to all Salesforce users.
  • “Beta” items are ones that Salesforce users can opt-into in order to test new features first.
  • “Pilot” items are part of programs where Salesforce offers access to a select few for testing and feedback.

Get Ready for the Future Requirement to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Earlier this year (Feb. 2, 2021) Salesforce announced additional requirements for its users concerning multi-factor authentication (MFA). This update once more reminds users of the benefits of MFA as Salesforce works towards providing a more secure environment for their user’s data. 
  • We at Litify encourage our users to enable MFA where possible. Doing so will allow firms to rest easier knowing there is yet another barrier to bad actors attempting to access their sensitive information within our platform.
  • For more information on these requirements please see Salesforce's dedicated article.

Take Control of Which Objects Users See in Search (Beta)

  • By leveraging this new feature, admins will have the ability to refine search results to help users find what they’re looking for. This feature takes further advantage of Salesforce’s Einstein Search tool to hone the scope of search results at the object level. 
  • Learn more about this feature and how to opt-in and test it on Salesforce’s release notes page

Update More Fields from the Report Run Page with Expanded Inline Editing (Beta)

  • This update, similar to one mentioned during Salesforce’s last release, further expands upon the number of available fields found on the Report Run Page.
  • We touched on this during our summary article for the prior Salesforce release, but it’s worth noting again that everyone loves expanded reporting tools. More fields, and thus more flexibility, will allow users to further craft reports that work specifically to their needs. 
  • For more information on this feature, which is currently still in the “beta” phase, please see the complete release notes entry.

Automatically Tune Your Dashboards to Your Business Goals with Dynamic Gauge Charts (Beta)

  • This flexible reporting tool allows you to display reports in dynamic gauges. These gauges are segmented into red, yellow, and green portions based on a percentage towards a goal—instead of the fixed values that are currently required. 
  • For example, even if the target number changes, you can set yellow to always start at 30% of the goal, and green to start at 50% of the goal.
  • Learn more about this new reporting tool on its dedicated release notes page.

Salesforce Flow (Flow Builder)

  • The Salesforce Flow Builder gains yet another boost in this release. Of the many improvements to this feature, users can look forward to: improved Flow debugging, added support for sub-flow elements, and increased Flow and process management tools. 
  • For more information about all of the great improvements to Flows, check out the Salesforce Flow page for this release. 

Salesforce Mobile App

Lastly, as with the last release, this update brings with it a number of improvements to the Salesforce Mobile App. We’ve highlighted some of the more noteworthy items below.

  • Help Your Users Personalize Their Content With Mobile Home (Generally Available)
    • To accommodate mobile users, Salesforce is making their Mobile Home feature available to those using the mobile app on Android and Apple devices. This customizable landing page can help users organize their content to make it even easier to find what they’re looking for with fewer clicks. 
  • Run Your Business on Tablets (Beta)
    • Cut the cord and ditch the laptop as Salesforce widens their support for mobile devices. This update takes advantage of the increased screen real estate on tablets, allowing for full-width viewing of Salesforce for those that opt-in. This improvement is bound to help those at your firm who are on the go, or for those that want to catch up on Matters from the comfort of their couch.
  • Take Advantage of the Salesforce Mobile App Defaulting to Lightning Apps
    • Previously, mobile users had to use the Mobile Only app for navigation, but they could switch to a different Lightning app if they wanted. With this change users can set a default Lighting App to land on when launching this app.

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