Docrio Edit “Unable to Get Local Issuer Certificate” Error

Product and Versions Impacted

  • Docrio
  • All Versions

Issue Summary

Some users have reported encountering an “Unable to Get Local Issuer Certificate” error and an inability to open some files via Docrio Edit. 


This issue looks to be a known issue related to electron apps—which includes Docrio Edit / the Docrio Electron App—and how they communicate over a network. It appears that at times as the Docrio Desktop App attempts to send information over a network to the Litify platform, like when using Docrio Edit, network resources such as routers or firewalls may block this information as they incorrectly tag it as suspicious. Because of this some users will encounter a “Unable to Get Local Issuer Certificate” error and be unable to open certain files. 


We are actively investigating possible workarounds for this issue. 

If you encounter this error, we recommend that you reach out to your organization’s internal IT department for assistance. For what we can tell, this error appears to occur when the client is behind a proxy with SSL interception. You will want to pass this information along to your IT department, as they may be able to make adjustments to your organization’s network settings to solve the issue. 

We will update this article once we’ve confirmed additional workaround steps.  

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