How to Deploy Litify Inbox Add-In (Office 365)

This article covers the steps to mass deploy the Litify Inbox add-in to end users within Office 365 environments.

These steps should be performed by the local IT Admin.


Admins will need access to the Office 365 Admin Center in order to perform this deployment.

Table of Contents 

  1. Log into the Office 365 Admin Center
  2. Deploy the Add-In from a Manifest URL
  3. Define Users and Deployment Method
  4. Finish Deployment
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Log into the Office 365 Admin Center

  1. Log in to Office 365 Admin Center with Admin credentials.
  2. In the navigation page on the left, go to Settings > Integrated Apps.
  3. Click Add-Ins in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Click the image above to expand it.

Deploy the Add-In from a Manifest URL

  1. Click Deploy Add-in.


  2. Click Next in the dialog that appears.


  3. On the next screen select the source to install the Add-In from—Upload Custom Apps.


  4. You can install the Add-In either from from a manifest file (.xml variant of the manifest), or the manifest URL that was sent to you once your Firm was provisioned with Litify Inbox.


  5. Once you have pasted the URL or uploaded the .xml file, click the Upload button to proceed.

Define Users and Deployment Method

  1. In the next dialog box select which user(s) you wish to have the Add-In deployed to.
    • Select from Everyone or Specific Users/Groups (users or user groups that should have access to the Add-In).


  2. Next, select the deployment method you'd like to use.
    • Fixed (recommended): Litify Inbox Add-In’s icon will displayed in the user’s MS Outlook and users will have no options to remove it from the ribbon.
    • Available: Litify Inbox Add-In will be optionally available in their ribbon, so that users will need to add it to their Outlook ribbon. 
    • Optional: Users will be allowed to remove the Add-In from their ribbon.
  3. Click Deploy at the bottom of the dialog box to deploy the Add-In for the selected user(s).


Finish Deployment

You’ll see the deployment in progress screen and then the deployment confirmation dialog. 

Click the image above to expand it.

The Add-In will be deployed for all the assigned users within 12 hours or less. 

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