Litify Inbox Add-in and Sync Functions

This article provides an overview of the functions performed by the Litify Outlook add-in and Gmail extensions, and those activities performed by the Sych Engine. This will allow admins to get a better understanding of what parts of Litify Inbox perform which tasks.

If the Litify Inbox Sync engine is not activated—for example, if Litify Inbox is not connected to the mail account, is suspended due sync errors, or the access token has expired—the Litify Inbox features listed in the "Sync Engine" column will not be available.


Outlook Add-In/Gmail Extension

Sync Engine

Setup & Authorization

  • When you connect the Litify Inbox Sidebar to Litify, you grant Litify Inbox access to your Litify data.
  • Can be mass-enabled by the local admin. 
  • After you connect Litify Inbox to Litify you will see a dialog requesting to connect the Litify Inbox to your mail client (Office 365/MS Exchange account).
  • Once Litify Inbox is connected to the mail account sync engine is activated (aka sync is set up), Litify Inbox sync can be set up in the Litify Inbox Sidebar or in the Sync Settings Dashboard.
  • Can be mass set up by the local admin (check the available Mass Deployment Scenarios).
  • If Litify Inbox Sync access is lost, it can be reset in the Sync Settings Dashboard.

Emails Processing

  • Handles emails saved manually via the save button in the add-in.


  • The Outlook add-in processes emails saved in the read mode.
  • The Gmail extension processes emails saved in both Read and Compose modes.
  • Emails saved as part of the thread
  • Emails in the Compose mode saved via the add-in
  • Emails placed to the Litify Emails folder

Events Processing

  • Events saved to a Litify record via the save button in the add-in.


  • Users can only define record association. Event’s sync is handled by the Sync Engine.
  • Events created after the sync was set up will be automatically synced to Litify/Outlook/Gmail.
  • Events with Litify category assigned will be synced from Outlook to Litify, Gmail to Litify—even if these were created before the sync was set up.
  • Events saved to a record via the save button in the add-in get synced to Litify by Sync Engine as well.

Items saving functions

  • Single-time one-way (Outlook -> Litify)  saving of Emails in Read mode.
  • Updating the details of already synced Events.
  • Reassociating an Email to another record.
    • This way the original email gets deleted and recreated with the relation to a new record. 
  • Initial saving of calendar items
  • Saving of Emails in the Compose mode (Outlook add-in)
  • Auto-saving of emails within a thread and calendar items

Automatic saving of emails, events

  • User selects the threads to be autosaved.
  • Automatic saving is performed by the Sync Engine.
  • Automatic Sync of Events.
  • Automatic saving of Emails within the same thread

Access to Sync Settings and Customization Settings

  • Customization Panel and Sync Settings Dashboard can be accessed from the add-in/extension.
  • In some configurations this access may be disabled for end users.
  • Litify Inbox Admin Panel where special settings are managed by Firm Admin and Litify Inbox Support Team. 


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