Litify Inbox Admin Setup Guide

Follow this guide to prepare your organization to connect to Litify Inbox.

The configuration steps in this guide must be followed before end users can use Litify Inbox. If these steps are not performed correctly, end users will be unable to sync emails and events via Litify Inbox.


Before you proceed, please review technical requirements for Litify Inbox:

Table of Contents

This guide is broken up into a series of steps which are listed below. Please proceed through the following sections in-order to avoid any issues.  

  1. Complete Litify Inbox Provisioning Steps
  2. Configure Litify Organization Install the Invisible Suite Package to Litify
  3. Decide on Deployment Options
  4. Deploy Litify Inbox Add-In
  5. Connect Users
  6. Customize the Add-in/Chrome Extension
  7. Set Up Default Customizations
  8. Apply Sync and Document Management Settings
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Complete Litify Inbox Provisioning Steps 

Before getting started, your firm will want to complete the following steps to make sure you’re ready for Litify Inbox.

  1. Download the Litify Inbox provisioning questionnaire matching the email client you intend to sync with. 
  2. Setup a call with your Technical Project Manager/Solutions Architect to complete the questionnaire and review existing limitations.
  3. Send the completed provisioning questionnaire at to request a tenant space for the Firm. Please make sure to include the Name of the Firm.
    • Within 72 business hours, the Revenue Grid Team will provision the tenant and provide the following:
      • Manifest URL to install the Outlook sidebar add-in
      • URL/login/password to the Litify Inbox Admin Panel

This questionnaire is incredibly important as it allows all parties involved to confirm the needs of your firm before starting deployment. Some of the things this questionnaire helps with are are:

  • Identify technical and user requirements
  • Outline limitations
  • Share best practice setup

Configure Litify Organization

Complete the following steps to make sure that the Litify organization is configured to be connected to Litify Inbox.

Install the Invisible Suite package to Litify

  1. Log in to Litify.
  2. Select the installation link that matches your environment (this will launch a new page):
  3. On the installation page, select Install for All Users, check the box next to the acknowledgement text, and click Install.  
    • Your installation will process and a success message will populate once it’s complete.
  4. Add the Event Attendees component to the Event Lightning Record page. To do this, first open any Event record in your Litify Calendar. Next, expand the setup cog and select Edit Page on the Event.


  5. Using the search box provided, locate the Event Attendees component and drag it onto the page where you would like it to be displayed. 


  6. Uncheck the Search in Leads box.


  7. Click Save.
  8. Make the page active and assign it as the organization default layout.

Enable Enhanced Email

  1. Log into Litify.
  2. Navigate to expand the cog menu at the top-right of the page and click Setup.
  3. Search for and select Enhanced Email in the Quick Find bar. 
  4. Click the Enable button.

Adjust Field Level Security 

Litify Inbox requires end users to have access to important fields on the Task and Event object.

Please make the following fields visible to all User Profiles in the Litify organization:

  • Name (WhoId)
  • Related To (WhatId)

Ensure that Users Have Permissions to Delete Tasks

Litify Inbox requires end users to have permission to delete Tasks. If you have any custom triggers or validation rules that prevent users from deleting Tasks, please adjust these accordingly.

If there is a requirement to restrict task deletion, make sure to at least allow deletion of Tasks that have a subtype of Email.

Allowlist Litify Inbox IP addresses and resources

Add Litify Inbox’s IP addresses to the list of trusted IP addresses in the Litify organization to allow Litify Inbox connect to Litify. Do this using the steps listed below:

  1. Log into Litify.
  2. Navigate to expand the cog menu at the top-right of the page and click Setup.
  3. Search for and select Network Access in the Quick Find bar. 
  4. Click New, enter a trusted IP address (or address range), and click Save.
  5. Repeat this process as is necessary.

If you have Profile based IP restrictions, please also make sure to add Litify Inbox IP addresses to the Profile Login IP Ranges.

  1. Log into Litify.
  2. Navigate to expand the cog menu at the top-right of the page and click Setup.
  3. Search for and select Profiles in the Quick Find bar. 
  4. Select the Profile you wish to edit.
  5. From the Profile Overview Page click Login IP Ranges.
  6. Enter the necessary IP ranges.
  7. Repeat this process as is necessary.

If your Firm restricts access to network environments with a Firewall, please add both the Litify Inbox IP addresses and resources to the allow list.

For the complete list of IP addresses and resources please review the Firewall Exceptions & Litify Inbox article.

Request Advanced Calendaring for your organization

If your Firm is planning to sync recurring events between Outlook and Litify, make sure to request Advanced Calendaring to be enabled in your Litify organization. Follow this link for more Information about how to contact Salesforce Support.

Decide on Deployment 

Review the available Litify Inbox deployment scenarios to select the one most suitable for your Firm. Please refer to the Available Mass Deployment Options article for more information.

Deploy Litify Inbox Add-In

Depending on the deployment scenario selected, deploy Litify Inbox to users or share instructions about how to install the Outlook add-in/Google Extension.

Connect Users

Once the add-in/extension is deployed make sure to connect users both to their Litify and mail accounts. Exceptions would be the cases where Firms mass connect users’ mailboxes via the impersonating account. 

Customize the Add-in/Chrome Extension

Review the customization settings and adjust them in accordance with the available best practices and Firm’s requirements.

Set Up Default Customizations

Apply reviewed customization settings as a baseline for new users and existing users.

This is the recommended setup step.

Apply Sync and Document Management Settings

Review the settings defined for the Organization in the Litify Inbox Admin Panel and adjust them in accordance with Firm’s requirements.

  • Litify Inbox Admin Panel Settings
  • Litify Inbox Admin Panel Overview

If you have questions or come across any issues, please reach out to Litify Support.

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