How to Set Up Sync via Impersonation (MS Exchange / Office 365)

MS Exchange and Office 365 (O365) Impersonation allows a single admin service account to be used to access and manage accounts of end users. Impersonation allows admins to do the following:

  • View and adjust settings
  • Perform various actions on behalf of these user accounts

Impersonation allows admins to automatically activate Litify Inbox synchronization for a subset of email accounts in bulk via the Impersonating MS Exchange Service Account.

Some benefits of configuring Impersonation include:

  • All users are connected to their MS Exchange/O365 account simultaneously by the dedicated exchange admin.
  • The end users don’t need to go to the Litify Inbox settings and refresh the connection between Litify Inbox and their mail account each time their password is updated.
  • Mailbox connectivity is established and monitored entirely by the Admin, removing any associated actions from the end users

If an Impersonating Service Account is used for Litify Inbox Sync activation, the Service Account must have a mailbox and a license assigned to it. 


To set up Impersonation, the admin will require the following:

  • Access to MS Exchange/O365 Admin Center 
  • MS licenses available
  • Access to the Litify Inbox Admin Panel

Table of Contents 

  1. Set Up Impersonating Service Account
  2. Configure Litify Inbox Access to Users’ Mailboxes
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Set Up Impersonating Service Account

  1. Go to MS Exchange or Office 365 Admin center—depending on which your organization is using. Refer to the following articles to learn how to do this:
  2. Create an MS Exchange / O356 service account and assign it Impersonation permissions using the following step-by-step guides:

Configure Litify Inbox Access to Users’ Mailboxes

Please note that the Microsoft Exchange basic authorization (EWS API) - Impersonated logon access type will be deprecated in December, 2021. We recommend using the Microsoft 365 OAuth (EWS API) - Impersonated logon instead

To activate Litify Inbox Sync for all users in bulk:

  1. Log into the Litify Inbox Admin Panel
    • Login credentials as well as the login URL were provided to your firm together with Litify Inbox provisioning.
  2. Go to the Organizations tab and select the Organization your users are registered with.
  3. Open the E-Mail Configuration subtab.


  4. In the Mailbox Access Type drop-down list, select the Microsoft 365 OAuth Logon (EWS API) - Impersonated logon, then click the Microsoft 365 OAuth (EWS API) button.


  5. A standard Office 365 OAuth 2.0 dialog will be opened in a new browser window. In the dialog, enter the Impersonating account’s login credentials and click Sign In.
  6. Now Litify Inbox is authorized to work with mailbox data of all users configured in the Impersonating Service account.

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