Time & Billing v4 Release Notes

Latest Version: 4.12

Release Date: November 23, 2021

Production Link: Please reach out to your CSM or Litify Account Manager

Sandbox Link: Please reach out to your CSM or Litify Account Manager

Litify’s Timekeeping has become Litify Time & Billing. The product has expanded to create new applications that allows for all of your timecards to now be combined with costs and be moved through the work in progress (WIP), pre-bill, and bill finalization process. 

Additional Installation Steps

Pre-Install Steps

We recommend performing the steps listed below before installing this update. Failure to perform the steps listed below may result in the features found within this application to not run properly.

  • We recommend that organizations set Time Rate sharing to “Public Read” or “Public Read/Write.” Doing so will ensure that the changes made to rate handling found within this release will run properly.
  • It is recommended that organizations using Docrio for document generation install Docrio prior to Time & Billing, to ensure the integration connects properly. For those interested in purchasing Docrio, please reach out to your CSM or Litify Account Manager.

Post-Install Steps

We recommend performing the steps listed below after installing this update. Failure to perform the steps listed below may result in the features found within this application to not run properly.

  • Make sure to assign new “Billing” permission sets to applicable users. A list of these new permission sets, and what they grant access to, can be found in our dedicated article
  • If you plan to use the new Billing features, you will likely want to add the new billing components to Matters and Parties pages. Instructions for adding components can be found in our Time & Billing initial setup article.

New Features

Introducing Bills & Costs 

We are proud to present objects and components which are designed to allow your firm to track costs in addition to time entries, and to collect those line items on a bill. 

Our Time & Billing list on a Matter will now include a tab for Costs, as well as filters at the top to reflect the bill status of those line items. Learn more about using the Time and Cost tables within Matters in our dedicated article.Annotation_on_2021-11-19_at_09-44-18.png

Bills have a dedicated Litify application, where your billing team will be able to assign items from WIP to a pre-bill, and then make adjustments to and approve the pre-bill for finalization. Learn all about this new application and how to use it via our dedicated article.


Rates 2.0

We’ve done a large overhaul on our billing rates, and greatly expanded the types of rates your firm can use for billing. We now support client-based rates, Matter-based rates, and standard rates which apply globally across the firm. 

With this greater flexibility, you can program your Matters to have either unique billing rates, or to inherit the client’s rates. Decide if your firm’s staff will be able to select from a list of relevant rates, or if you want the system to select the rate for them, eliminating the need for manual selection. 

Learn more about using rates within Time & Billing via our dedicated article.


Billing Codes & Classifications

We've added Billing Codes for your organization. These codes, designed with UTBMS legal billing standard in mind, are completely customizable. Establish codes to support phase and task-based billing, work cataloguing, and reporting on what your timekeepers are doing. 


Additionally, classifications have been introduced as a way to assign a type or title to your timekeepers, such as Paralegal or Managing Partner. Classifications are fully customizable, and can also have rates assigned to them. Learn how to create and manage your own classifications via our dedicated article.


In addition to powering more complex types of billing, both of these features provide foundations for e-billing, and generation of LEDES files for your invoices. Learn more about generating invoices and LEDES files in our dedicated article.


Manage & Create Bills

The new Billing app will allow for the movement of line items onto pre-bills, and provides a designated space for billing coordinators and responsible attorneys to modify and approve bills. Use our new suite of billing related fields to modify markdowns, writedowns, write offs, and more. 

Leverage the power of Docrio to assign an invoice template to each Matter and create a PDF or Word document file at the end of the billing process to send to your clients. 

Learn all about using the new Billing application via our dedicated article.


More Apps = More Control

Time & Billing now has three lightning apps to manage your time tracking and billing needs. 

  • Time Tracking: For managing individual timekeeper’s work. 
  • Time & Billing Settings: For all things settings. 
  • Billing: For billers and responsible attorneys to manage WIP and Billing. 

Additional Features and Improvements

In addition to these brand new features, we have also added or improved the following: 

  • Matter Billing Preferences for assigning timekeepers and billers. 
  • Choose from one of four types of rates:
    • Hourly
    • Cost
    • Flat Fee
    • Fixed Fee 
  • Various improvement to our datatables. 
  • Costs are fully customizable 
  • Advanced Search Tool for Costs
    • Based on the Time Tracking Advanced Search feature, filter your lists of costs using a a number of adjustable fields.
  • More Timer access
    • Start and pause Timers directly from the Time table. 
  • Tax Code Support 

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