Input Tag Library Feature Overview 

The Docrio Input Library allows you to view all document generation inputs used by your organization in one place. From the library you can view detailed Information about the inputs, what template they are used in, and you can also easily delete the input. All of this information will allow you to keep track of important inputs, and will help put your mind at ease when getting rid of inputs you no longer need.


There are no additional requirements for Docrio users to view and use the Input Library. The only exception to this rule is for those users who wish to be able to delete inputs. Please see the corresponding section below for more information on granting permissions to, and using, the Delete Input file action.

Input Library Navigation

Access the Input Library from the Docrio Document Generation tab. 


The Input Library feature is broken up into two sections. The left section (1) is dedicated to locating inputs, while the right section (2) is used for viewing detailed information about a selected input.


Use the dropdown and search box to locate an input you wish to view more information on. 


Click on an Input’s name to populate the right side of the screen. The Templates tab lists all of the templates the selected input is used in. This tab provides information on the template name, starting object, and parent folder (if applicable) for each template. 


Selecting a template’s name from the Templates tab—or clicking Input Details with a template selected—will send you to the Input Details tab. This tab provides all of the details about the input and the template it’s used on. 


Click the popout icon to open the selected template and input inside of Template or PDF Builder. Edits to inputs can not be made within the Library; but by clicking the popout icon you are taken to where the edits can be made. Remember, any changes made to an input are reflected in all templates that reference that input.


Deleting an Input from the Input Library

Users can delete unwanted inputs from the Input Library using the trash can icon next to an input they locate.


The ability to delete an input is considered a file action, and access to this file action can be granted via the Docrio Admin Settings page (see image below). If a user wishes to delete an input but the trash can icon is grey, they will need to be granted the Delete Input Merge file action from an admin.


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