Troubleshoot Litify Inbox: Event Sync Issues

This article explains how to troubleshoot event sync issues and shares steps about how to resolve the most common ones. For any issues not covered in this article please contact

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Check the Affected User’s Sync Status

Any time a user reports issues with events not syncing, an Admin should log into the Litify Inbox Admin Panel and check the affected User’s sync status. For more information about how to use the Litify Inbox Admin Panel please refer to the Litify Inbox Admin Panel Overview article.

Check User’s Mailbox Status

Navigate to the Users tab of the Litify Inbox Organization and check the Mailbox Status of the affected user.

Mailbox Status


Next Step


User’s mailbox is connected to the Mail Server. Sync is up and running.

Open the user record and check the Issues tab for any Events not syncing.


User’s mailbox is connected to the mail Server. Sync is suspended.

Open the user record and check the Statistics Tab for any errors.

Not Initialized

User’s mailbox is not connected to the Mail Server. Sync is not activated.

Ask the affected User to connect their Litify Inbox add-in to the O365/MS Exchange. Detailed steps can be found in the Litify Inbox User Setup Guide.


Review Issues Tab

If the user is initialized but Events do not sync, refer to the Issues tab to review Event sync errors.

Locate the Event/-s in question and review the errors that prevent the Even/-s from syncing.


Below are the examples of the common sync errors and the steps to resolve them.

Error text



Event: bad field names on insert/update call: WhoId

The User has no access to the Name (WhoId) field in Litify.

Adjust the Field Level Security of the Name (WhoId) filed to be visible to the User’s Profile.


This event is a recurring one. Please enable sync of recurring events in Litify Inbox settings to sync such events properly.

The setting to allow sync of recurring Events wasn’t enabled/ Advanced Calendaring was not enabled in Litify.

To allow sync of the recurring events enabled the following setting in the Litify Inbox Admin Panel: ServiceAutoTrackRecurrentEvents 

For more details about Litify Inbox Admin panel settings and how to enable/disable them refer to the Litify Inbox Admin Panel Settings article.

To enable the Advanced Calendaring in Litify, submit a case  to Salesforce Support.

Meeting for attendees cannot be synchronized until the organizer synchronizes it.

The Event was not synchronized by the Organizer. This is common at go live when not all users have completed their inbox activation.

Check if the Organizer's sync is active and if the Event in question is within the Organizer’s sync scope.

Salesforce meeting wasn't added to the Calendar, awaiting for Organizer to synchronize it.

All-day recurring events are currently not supported.

This type of event is currently not supported by the Litify Inbox.


Error text may also contain info about CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION

Custom validation in Litify.

Review the validation rule you have on the Event object that prevents the event from being updated.

Only event organizers can update this field.

Salesforce limitation: for events that have attendees, only Parent Events (assigned to the Organizer) can be edited.

Either ask the Organizer to edit the Event or ask the Attendee to edit the Event from the Organizer’s calendar (if shared calendars are enabled).


Review Statistics Tab

If the User is initialized but their sync is disabled, review the Statistics tab for any errors that impact the sync.

Enable User’s Effective Synchronization Status

User’s effective synchronization status can become disabled due to an error. In this case the Statistics tab is blank as the sync was disabled.


To review the Sync Statistics for such a User, enable their synchronization.


This action kicks off a new sync session. Allow 1-2 minutes for the synchronization to finish.

Refresh the User record to check the generated Sync Statistic and review the sync error message.


Review Sync Statistics

Below are the examples of the common sync errors and the steps to resolve them.

Error Message



ISEC-005: Authentication error

Litify Inbox lost connection with either Litify org or O365/MS Exchange.

This happens when the user's password from Litify or O365/Ms Exchange was changed.

If Error Source is SF Connector:

Refresh the connection between Litify Inbox and Litify.

If Error Source is Mail Server: 

Refresh the connection between Litify Inbox and O365/MS Exchange.

Synchronization was stopped in order to prevent creation of duplicates for the following item(s):

Litify Inbox detected duplicated Events and suspended the sync.

Ask the client to adjust subjects of the events to make them unique or delete duplicated instances of events if there are any identical event occurrences.

Unknown Internal Error Occurred 

or any other type of error

Server error

Submit a ticket to 

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