Litify Inbox: Attachments Handling

This article explains how Litify Inbox handles attachments depending on the Storage Type in Litify.

Table of Contents 

  1. Storage Type - Docrio
  2. Storage Type - Salesforce Attachments
  3. Storage Options Compared
  4. Workaround
  5. Related Articles

Storage Type - Docrio

When Litify Inbox is connected to Docrio, all email attachments are saved to Docrio.

Outlook View:


Litify View:


By default attachments are saved to the Docrio root folder. For example, the Intake Home or Matter Home folders.

Firms that use Docrio as a Storage Type can define a default Docrio folder and/or subfolder email attachments will be saved to. The settings described below should be added to the Organization Settings in the Litify Inbox Admin Panel.

For more information about how to navigate the Admin Panel please refer to the Litify Inbox Admin Panel Overview and Litify Inbox Admin Panel Settings articles.

Docrio Default Folder

Please note that for the attachments to save properly to the default folder, such a folder and a subfolder (if defined) should exist on a record where an email with attachment is saved to. 

Default Folder+Subfolder Setting

Setting Name

Setting Value

Setting Mode





Default Folder Setting

Setting Name

Setting Value

Setting Mode





Category value represents the Folder, and the Subcategory value represents the Subfolder.

Replace the Name values with the folder and subfolder names that Firm has defined as default for email attachments.

To apply this setting click the floppy disk icon.


Work with Docrio in Litify Inbox

Users can interact with Docrio in the sidebar directly: upload attachments to Docrio or extract Files from Docrio and attach them to emails.

Upload attachments to Docrio:


Attach a File from Docrio to an Email:


Storage Type - Salesforce Attachments

When no External Storage type is defined for Litify Inbox, all email attachments are saved to the Salesforce Attachments related to an email message and the record the email is saved to.

Important prerequisite for this type of storage is to have the Attachments card added to the Litify Inbox Customizations:


Outlook View:


Litify View:

Activity Timeline:


Email Message:





Work with Salesforce Attachments in Litify Inbox

Users can interact with Salesforce Attachments in the sidebar directly: upload attachments to Salesforce Attachments.

Upload attachments to Salesforce Attachments

Storage Options Compared



Salesforce Attachments

Admin Panel Setting



Customization Panel


Attachment Card 

Attachment handling

Attachments saved to Docrio 

Attachments saved to SF Attachments 

Indication in Litify that email message has attachment (clip icon displayed in the Activity Timeline)*



Upload attachments to Storage via the Litify Inbox sidebar



Insert attachments from Storage to a new email




*Docrio is an external Storage Type as compared to the Salesforce Attachments,therefore it is currently not possible to add an attachment  indicator to the email message record.

Litify Inbox + Docrio

Litify Inbox + SF Attachment

Screen_Shot_2022-01-03_at_8.39.16_AM.png Screen_Shot_2022-01-03_at_8.39.22_AM.png


Firms that want the ability to see which email in the Activity Timeline had an attachment and to have the same attachment saved to Docrio can use the workaround described in the next section.


The suggested workaround includes the following steps:

  1. Disconnect Docrio from Litify Inbox by removing the ServiceExternalStorageType setting from the Litify Inbox Admin Panel.
  2. Update the Inbox Customizations to have the Attachment card included. More about Customizations can be found in the Litify Inbox Customization Settings article.
  3. Install the Docrio File & Attachment Convertor. Please reach out to your CSM to get the link to the latest package version as well as post install instructions.

With this workaround applied Firms will be saving attachments to Salesforce Attachments. Salesforce Attachments will be copied over to Docrio by the Docrio Attachment trigger.

This way attachments will be available in both places: on an Email Message record and in Docrio.

Please note that if this workaround is applied users will no longer be able to interact with Docrio from the Litify Inbox sidebar, but with SF Attachments only.

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