Known Issue: Unable to Create Docrio Folders, Folders Missing from Docrio File Viewer

Products and Versions Impacted

  • Docrio
  • All Versions

Issue Summary

We’ve identified an issue where users are unable to create new folders in Docrio File Viewer and/or the existing folder structure for the record is missing.

This can happen after updating the folder structure for the specific record.


This issue appears to be related to how updates to the Docrio folder structures are handled. A second Folder Structure Assignment is created, causing the issues. Each record should only have one Folder Structure Assignment.


To fix the issues caused by having two Folder Structure Assignments, one of the records must be deleted. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Tabs.


  2. Create a New tab.
  3. Select the Folder Structure Assignments object.


  4. Once added, navigate to the Folder Structure Assignments tab via the App Launcher.


  5. If you come across a record in which you cannot create folders or the folder structure is missing, you can search by Salesforce Id to see if there are multiple Folder Structure Assignment records associated with that specific record. If so, deleting the record that is not needed will restore the folders to the record and allow creation of new folders. 

Litify Support Information

Still having trouble? Litify can help. If you have walked through the steps above and are still having trouble, please don’t hesitate to contact Litify Support at (or Submit a Request).

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