Matters and Intakes v27 Release Notes

Matters + Intakes v27 Release Notes 

Version Details
Pre-Install Steps
Bug Fixes

Version Details

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Latest Version: 27.3

Internal Release Date: April 25, 2022

External Release Date: May 2, 2022


Introducing the latest version of Matters + Intakes! We have been collecting customer feedback and made several key enhancements to Activity Timeline, Matter Plans, and Party Roles functionality. Version 27 offers more intuitive Activity creation, consolidated Matter Plan functionality, and enhanced accessibility options for Litify Admins. Read on to learn more about these and other useful updates included in our most recent version of Matters + Intakes.

Pre-Install Steps

If your org is on Litify version 24.3, you will need to perform the steps below before installing this release, so that you can take advantage of its full functionality.

  1. Click the Setup Cog at the top right of the screen, then click Setup. 
  2. In the Quick Find box, search Chatter. 
  3. Under the Chatter tab, select Chatter Settings. 
  4. Scroll down to Post and Comment Modification.
  5. Confirm Allow Users to Edit Posts and Comments is checked.
  6. Return to Setup and search Notes in the Quick Find box, and select Notes Settings under the Sales tab.
  7. Confirm the option to Enable Notes is checked, and click Save.
  8. Return to Setup and search Enhanced Email in the Quick Find box, and select Enhanced Email under the Email tab.
  9. Click Enable.


A More Intuitive Experience for Users

  • Event start and end times now auto-fill for Events created from the Activity Timeline.


  • We’ve enabled options for recurring events to appear for all Events created from the Activity Timeline, eliminating manual entry of Event times. 
  • Party Roles now allow edit and search functionality from within the Matter page.
  • Users can search by a party’s name in the Filter by Role section, reducing the need for users to navigate away from the Matter page.


  • Users with the necessary permissions can now edit Case Qualify Criteria.
  • Pop-out functionality of Chatter comments allows you to open up the Chatter thread in its own window.

Heightened Performance and Security

Bug Fixes

  • Duplicate task status values no longer appear on the Matter Tasks filter menu.
  • When a stage at the end of a Matter Plan is marked complete, the stage no longer appears idle once a new Matter Plan is added.
  • The Intakes API has been updated to insert Case Type in orgs where the number of Case Types exceeds 1000, so firms with numerous practice areas can be assured case types are retained as new information enters their system.
  • Duplicate and matching rules no longer trigger an unknown error on Matters when they are referred out. Prior to this update, the error notification did not appear to users, so users would not understand why an action was unsuccessful. Now, duplicates and matching rule notifications come up to users when encountered. 

Note: Updates to Matter Plans apply to orgs using the original Matter Plans.

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