Time & Billing v5 Release Notes

Latest Version: 5.8

Release Date: 5/23/2022

Package Links: Please reach out to your CSM or Litify Account Manager


Litify Time & Billing v5 brings more billing usability and tools to support accuracy in billing, so you and your staff can focus on logging more billable time, and less on correcting billing guideline violations. With Billing Rules, Matter Budgeting, and Mass Billing, your firm will do more at volume, and optimize for efficiency. 


Post Installation Guide 

  1. Classification Assignment for Time Entries
    1. No manual action required. 
    2. Upon installation of v5, the package will run an automated script for Classification assignments on time entries. This will occur for all non-billed time entries in your org, and it is in support of the Matter Budgeting feature. 
    3. Since this script does not touch billed items, if your firm wishes to retroactively assign the current assignment to any time entries, contact your CSM for guidance on how to perform the update. 
  2. Initial Sync of Matters with WIP 
    1. Manual action required. 
    2. This is a new field which tracks whether a Matter has any un-billed time or costs, and it is managed automatically as items move in and out of WIP. The initial data calculation requires manual action. 
    3. Navigate to the Data Sync tab under Time & Billing > Billing Preferences section, and click sync action to set initial state. Admins can refresh at any time. 




Mass Billing 

Introducing Mass Pre-Bill generation as a new stock tool for Billing at volume. Located in the Billing app, billers will now be able to define criteria for WIP items to be collected into Pre-Bills. Select what date range to draw your WIP from, and then define which Matters the Pre-Bill should include. Creating hundreds of Pre-Bills with a few clicks is now possible with Mass Billing. 



Billing Rules 

Setting and managing Billing Guidelines is now possible with the new Billing Rules feature. Firms can set rules at the Global, Client, or Matter level to define how Timekeepers can enter time. Admin can create hard stops or warnings to clue users in on forbidden actions or values on billable time. This will help mitigate the risk of clients rejecting an invoice. 

Billing Rules are the perfect supplement and expansion to Salesforce’s validation rule technology. Admins can manage and enforce individual Client or Matter exception rules throughout your organization. 




Matter Budgeting 

Budgeting is a new data visualization tool that allows tracking of billed Time Entries and Costs for a Matter against a defined budget. Compare your actuals against your budget to understand how your resources are being spent against the Matter, and what was originally budgeted. 

Budgets can be set up to track Billing items against criteria such as: Billed Hours, Billed Amount, Individual Timekeeper, Classification of Timekeeper, and Billing Codes. 


Billing Usability 

Billing was introduced to the application in v4, and we have taken a lot of your feedback to improve the experience in this latest version. Highlights are a Matters with WIP flag to know which Matters have items to Bill, bulk actions on line items in Billing, and accessing Pre-Bills and Bills directly on a Matter. 

Billing Functionality on Matters 

  • The Pre-Bill and Bill Tabs and all their features are now available on an individual Matter, so that you can focus in and view that particular Matter’s Billing rather than having to navigate to the Billing app. 

Matters with WIP 

  • The application will now automatically calculate whether a Matter has WIP and will flag the associated billing preference for the Matter to reflect this state. The Matter list in the Billing app will now only show Matters which have WIP, to focus attention on what needs action. 

Bill Search 

  • Advanced Search panel for Bills added to Matter Billing and Billing app so that your users can quickly key in values to search for Bills against when there are large sets 

Transfer Line Items

  • Mistakes can now be quickly addressed by the ability to transfer line items from one Matter’s WIP or Pre-Bill to another Matter’s WIP or Pre-Bill. 

Clone Line Items 

  • Duplicating a single or set of line items can now be done with a few clicks. Cloning will create an exact replica of the record which can be used as a starting off point for further modifications. 

Remove Line Items 

  • The remove feature allows for removing single or sets of line items from a Pre-Bill or Bill, and moving them back to WIP for use in other Billing cycles. 

Bill Status Updates 

  • Approving, preparing, and reverting Bill statuses can now be done in bulk by selecting multiple Pre-Bills or Bills at a time. 


  • Hard Cost Amount field added to Cost object to take in manually entered values for hard costs. When the cost type is set to ‘Hard’ all rate requirements will be ignored and the user can enter the total hard cost amount.
    • If you have set any workarounds or custom fields to handle hard costs, it is recommended that you migrate the intended values to this new field, so that it will be properly taken into account in other packaged Billing related formulas. 
  • Classification of timekeeper will now be stamped on the time entry, enabling easier reporting and building of rules 
  • Bulk Edit for Time Entries feature has been removed from the application. 
  • Component and action access tidied up across the app for permission sets.
  • Numerous bug fixes and UI tweaks. 



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