Mass Billing

Mass Billing eliminates the need to create Pre-Bills Matter by Matter. Billers can use the interface to define criteria for Time Entries and Costs and specify which Matters to create Pre-Bills for. 

Access Requirements

Users with the following permission sets will have full access to the Generate Mass Pre-Bills feature.

  • Billing Admin
  • Billing User

Generate Mass Pre-Bills


Within the Generate Mass Pre-Bills page, there are two sections for selecting WIP and selecting Matters, respectively. The WIP selection defines how the engine should pull existing WIP and by what criteria. The Matter selection determines which matters it should assemble Pre-Bills for. 

How to Create Mass Bills

Let's go through the flow of creating a query to locate the desired line items to generate Pre-Bills in a draft status.

  1. Open the Billing App.
  2. Click Generate Mass Pre-Bills located in the top right corner of the WIP tab.
    1. Select the desired line item types. Note: Users must select at least 1 line item type.
    2. Set an Invoice Date.
      1. This is the date applied to all the generated Pre-Bills and functions as the base for the date range selection.
      2. Select from the date range options to locate line items based on their date field value. 
    3.  Set Matter selection.
      1. All Matters or, 
      2. Select Matters 
        1. Select from the dropdown menu options and then click into the next cell to enter specifics for the options selected.
        2. Custom allows for query constructions based on matter object fields. 
  3. Click Generate Pre-Bills.
  4. Click Continue within the confirmation modal.


Confirming the pre-bill run will initiate a batch job, which can take several minutes. An email will be sent to the user when it is completed. While there is an active batch running, the user cannot initiate another batch and must wait until the first one is completed.


Pre-Bills created through this process will be placed in the Pre-Bill section of the Billing app, where they can be worked on by the biller responsible for them. 


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