How to Collaborate with Other Litify Users


Author: Krys Rivera

The Litify Community makes collaborating and communicating with other Litify Users simple. With the Litify Community, you can:

  • Join a public group 
  • Post in a group 
  • Ask and answer questions 
  • Comment and “like” posts and articles.

Keep reading to learn how!

Find Groups

  1. Log in to the Litify Community, and click on the header that says Collaborate collabtab.jpeg
  2. You can see Active Groups on the left side of the page. This list includes both public and private groups.

Join a Group 

You can join any active Public group. To do so, click on the group name. This will navigate you to the group page. From here, click the button that says Join Group on the right hand side of the group banner.

*Note: If you want to join a Private group, click on that group and then click the button that says Ask to Join on the right hand side of the group banner.

Once you join a group you will notice the group banner will update to show the following:
  1. Member: This tells you that you are part of this group. 
    • Hover your cursor over Member to surface an option to Leave the Group. 
  • You will be asked to confirm this action, and you can rejoin any public group at a later date.
  1. Manage Notifications: Use this dropdown menu to select how often you would like to receive notifications for this group. Your selection will automatically save.
  1. Manage Notifications:  This button surfaces the same notification options as 2. 

Post in a Group

You can post in any group that you have joined. To do so, follow the instructions below: 

1. Share an update: Click on “Share an update…” to begin typing your post.


2. Text Field: You can type your message in this box


*Note: You are limited to 10,000 characters. If you go over this limit, you will receive error messages as seen in the image below:


3. Formatting Toolbar: Below the message you type, you will see buttons that will allow you to edit your text; Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Remove Formatting, Bulleted List, Numbered List, Add images, Link, Insert emojis, or @ (mention someone or a group)

4. Add a topic: you can add topic tags with your post which will come in handy when you or anyone else is searching in the Litify Community. Example shown below:


  • You can add one by typing the word in then selecting it ex. Docrio, Intakes, Inbox. You can x out a topic by clicking on the x next to the word.
*Note: if you type in a word(s) that isn't a topic already created you won't be able to tag it. 
5. Attach a file: Below the topic tags you can click on the paperclip to attach up to 10 files.

6. Share: Across from the paperclip click share to post.

Ask a Question

You can ask a question within a group by selecting Question, which is located right in the middle of the page next to Post.

1. Question: Select Question to begin. 

2. Question Text Field: Here is where you can enter your question (up to 255 characters).

3. Details Text Field: Here is where you can enter any additional details about the Question you asked. 

4. Ask: Once you have finished entering your question and any other details, click Ask to make the question available for the group to see. 



Answer a Question

You can answer any question in the group by clicking on Answer which is found right under the question that was asked. A text field will expand below with text formatting options. Select Answer to submit response.



Additional Options:

1. Like: You can like any post/comment by clicking on like.jpeg

2. Comment: You can comment on any post by clicking on comment.jpeg

3. Upvote: You can upvote any answer by clicking on upvote.jpeg

4. Share: You can share (posts, questions, answers, announcements) with a direct link,  with a group, followers or as a message.



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