How to Submit a Support Case with Litify

Author: Calla Smith

If you’ve consulted the Knowledge Center for relevant documentation and troubleshooting guides and the issue still persists, the next step is to submit a case to the Litify Support Team. This article will walk you through the steps and requirements for a ticket. 

**Note: only Litify admins can submit support cases. If you aren't able to submit a case, reach out to your administrator.

  1. Log in to the Litify Community, and click on the header that says Support

**Note: you may need to expand the More dropdown menu to surface the Support header.



2. The Litify Support Page can be broken into 3 parts, seen below:




Create a Case

Fill out the provided fields to submit a case to our support team. 

Product: Select the affected product from the dropdown provided.

Business Impact: From “low” to “urgent,” categorize the business impact of this issue. 

Subject: Add a subject in this text box.

Product Subcategory: This dropdown lets you specify the issue further. If you don’t see an appropriate subcategory, select “Other.”

Access Granted: for information on how to grant access, see this article.

Access Granted Until: Grant access for at least 30 days.

Description: Describe the issue being reported. Be as specific as possible, and include the troubleshooting steps that have already been taken. Add examples of any affected records, if applicable, by including the ObjectID or a full hyperlink(s). 

Add Attachment: Include any relevant screenshots as attachments.


Need Answers Fast?

A list of Litify Help Articles that may be useful. Take a look at these to see if your question is answered! This list will update based on the information you input into your case.


My Cases

Scroll down to find a record of any existing open or closed cases submitted by you or your company.


3. Under Create a Case (1), fill out the fields to describe the issue, attach a screenshot, and make sure access has been granted.

4. Click Submit. This will navigate you to the newly created Case record, where you can make updates via inline editing and see if a support agent has been assigned.



5. Navigate back to Support and scroll down to My Cases. Here, you can view all of the open and closed cases submitted by you and others in your company.mycases1.jpeg

6. On the far right of each case is a dropdown menu. Click this to edit that specific case. This will open a pop-up where you can make updates to the case.mycases.jpeg


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